Gandi_v5 Provider

GANDI_V5 uses the v5 API and can act as a registrar provider or a DNS provider. It is only able to work with domains migrated to the new LiveDNS API, which should be all domains. API keys are assigned to particular users. Go to User Settings, “Manage the user account and security settings”, the “Security” tab, then regenerate the “Production API key”.


In your credentials file you must provide your API key. The sharing_id is optional.

The sharing_id selects between different organizations which your account is a member of; to manage domains in multiple organizations, you can use multiple creds.json entries. The first parameter to NewDnsProvider is the key to use in creds.json, and you can register multiple configured providers on the same backend "GANDI_V5" provider. (NB: in practice, this doesn’t appear to be necessary and sharing_id is not enforced?)

  "gandi": {
    "apikey": "your-gandi-key",
    "sharing_id": "your-sharing_id"


This provider does not recognize any special metadata fields unique to Gandi.


This provider does not support using ALIAS in combination with DNSSEC, whether AUTODNSSEC or otherwise.

This provider only supports ALIAS on the "@" zone apex, not on any other names.


Example Javascript:

var GANDI = NewDnsProvider("gandi", "GANDI_V5");
var REG_GANDI = NewRegistrar("gandi", "GANDI_V5");

D("example.tld", REG_GANDI, DnsProvider(GANDI),

If you are converting from the old “GANDI” provider, simply change “GANDI” to “GANDI_V5” in dnsconfig.js. Be sure to test with dnscontrol preview before running dnscontrol push.

New domains

If a domain does not exist in your Gandi account, DNSControl will not automatically add it with the create-domains command. You’ll need to do that via the web UI manually.

Common errors

This is the error you’ll see if your API key is invalid.

Error getting corrections: 401: The server could not verify that you authorized to access the document you requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad api key), or your access token has expired