Gandi Provider

There are two providers for Gandi:

  1. GANDI uses the v3 API and is able to act as a registrar provider and a DNS provider. It is not able to handle domains that have migrated to the new LiveDNS API. You need to get the API key from the v4 interface.

  2. GANDI-LIVEDNS uses the LiveDNS API and is only able to act as a DNS provider. You need to get the API key from the v5 interface.


In your credentials file you must provide your API key:

  "gandi": {
    "apikey": "your-gandi-key"


This provider does not recognize any special metadata fields unique to Gandi.


Example Javascript:

var GANDI = NewDnsProvider("gandi", "GANDI");
var REG_GANDI = NewRegistrar("gandi", "GANDI");

D("example.tld", REG_GANDI, DnsProvider(GANDI),

New domains

If a domain does not exist in your Gandi account, DNSControl will not automatically add it with the create-domains command. You’ll need to do that via the control panel manually.

Common errors

This is the error we see when someone uses GANDI instead of GANDI-LIVEDNS.

Error getting corrections: error: "Error on object : OBJECT_ZONE (CAUSE_NOTFOUND) [no such zone (id: 0)]" code: 581042