DNS-over-HTTPS Provider

This is a read-only/monitoring “registrar”. It does a DNS NS lookup to confirm the nameserver servers are correct. This “registrar” is unable to update the NS servers but will alert you if they are incorrect. A common use of this provider is when the domain is with a registrar that does not have an API.


The DNS-over-HTTPS provider does not require anything in creds.json. By default, it uses Google Public DNS however you may configure an alternative RFC 8484 DoH provider.

  "DNS-over-HTTPS": {
    "host": "cloudflare-dns.com"

Some common DoH providers are cloudflare-dns.com Cloudflare, Quad9, and dns.google Google Public DNS


This provider does not recognize any special metadata fields unique to Internet.bs.


Example Javascript:

var REG_MONITOR = NewRegistrar('DNS-over-HTTPS', 'DNSOVERHTTPS');

D("example.com", REG_MONITOR,