BIND Provider

This provider maintains a directory with a collection of .zone files.

This provider does not generate or update the named.conf file, nor does it deploy the .zone files to the BIND master. Both of those tasks are different at each site, so they are best done by a locally-written script.


In your credentials file (creds.json), you can specify a directory where the provider will look for and create zone files. The default is the zones directory where dnscontrol is run.

  "bind": {
    "directory": "myzones"

The BIND provider does not require anything in creds.json. It does accept some optional metadata via your DNS config when you create the provider:

var BIND = NewDnsProvider('bind', 'BIND', {
        'default_soa': {
        'master': 'ns1.example.tld.',
        'mbox': 'sysadmin.example.tld.',
        'refresh': 3600,
        'retry': 600,
        'expire': 604800,
        'minttl': 1440,
    'default_ns': [

If you need to customize your SOA or NS records, you can do so with this setup.