Welcome to documentation for the StackExchange.Redis test suite!

Supported platforms:

The unit and integration tests here are fairly straightforward. There are 2 primary steps:

  1. Start the servers

This can be done either by installing Docker and running docker compose up in the tests\RedisConfigs folder or by running the start-all script in the same folder. Docker is the preferred method.

  1. Run the tests

Tests default to as their server, however you can override any of the test IPs/hostnames and ports by placing a TestConfig.json in the StackExchange.Redis.Tests\ folder. This file is intentionally in .gitignore already, as it’s for your personal overrides. This is useful for testing local or remote servers, different versions, various ports, etc.

You can find all the JSON properties at TestConfig.cs. An example override (everything not specified being a default) would look like this:

  "RunLongRunning": true,
  "PrimaryServer": "",
  "PrimaryPort": 12345

Note: if a server isn’t specified, the related tests should be skipped as inconclusive.

Instructions for Windows

The tests are run (by default) as part of the build. You can simply run this in the repository root:

.\build.cmd -BuildNumber local